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Guayuriba River HDD

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HDD Río Guayuriba, Colombia
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Gas pipeline: Apiay – Usme
Status: Drilling, installation, “TIE IN” connection works, commissioning, civil works completed.
Tubing: 6″ Steel
Maximum depth: 29 meters
Length: 450 meters
Guidance Tool: ParaTrack 2
Guidance Services & Tooling provided by Prime Horizontal on this project: Mud Motor, TriCone Bits, NonMags, Spiders, Crossover Subs & Guidance Engineer.
Drill Pipe: 5 1/2″ FH
Mud Motor: 6 3/4″ 9/10 Lobe Stage 4.0
Fluid Service: Mix Drill
Soil: Alluvial, black mudstones, slightly calcareous micaceous, pebbles.
Obstacles: Uneven terrain for entrances, constant rainfall, logistical challenges for equipment and machinery.
Client: International Gas Carrier.
Kudos on completing of the construction and installation of pipelines for the gas network by Horizontal Directional Drilling under the Guayuriba River of the Apiay-Usme gas pipeline.

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IRO Oldenburg Germany

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Oldenburg, Germany, the Institute for Pipeline Construction (IRO)

Looking forward to seeing you there at the IRO in Oldenburg these two days.

Wij kijken ernaar uit om u te zien bij de IRO in Oldenburg aankomende dagen.

Ich freue mich, Sie auf der IRO zu sehen.

photo 2


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460M HDD in Hard Rock Strata

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Tracking Used: ParaTrack-2 + AC Beacon + Surface Coil


Location: Boyne River, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.
Distance: 460M
Depth: 35M
Entry Angle: 13deg
Exit Angle: 14deg
Ground: Hard Rock
Pipeline: 4″ Steel Gas Pipeline
Technique: Mud Motor Assembly
The project involved drilling 460 meters through hard rock formation for steel gas pipeline crossing beneath the Boyne River in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. The drilling was executed with precision using ParaTrack-2. Guidewire magnetic surface coil was laid on entry and exit side. AC Beacon, a wireless magnetic source was used for the river section of the crossing. The drilling technique incorporated a Mud Motor Assembly, enhancing control and efficiency in navigating the challenging hard rock terrain. This technical approach combines cutting-edge technology and strategic engineering to achieve successful directional drilling in challenging geological conditions.

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Best Project Design Award Recipient at the IndSTT

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Drilling through the impossible

Prime Horizontal would like to recognise and congratulate its partner NRP Projects Private Limited, the recipient of the IndSTT (Indian Society of Trenchless Technology) Trenchless Excellence Awards 2023 No-Dig 2023 INDSTT that took place in Chennai December 2023.

The project is India’s longest HDD ParaTrack Intersect crossing to date, of over 4 kilometres (4102 meters) by installing a 24” pipeline under the Brahmaputra River, India, Surpassing the previous record of 4,088 meters for the longest HDD installation of 6” conduit pipe, also by Prime Horizontal & NRP Projects.
7D7A0430 Email_25th_anniversary2

Kudos to all involved on the undertaking of such an internationally prominent project that has broken many records on an impressive scale.

The categories where this project was nominated were:

  • Achievement Award for Best Project
  • Achievement Award for Trenchless Project Design
  • Achievement Award for Project Management
  • Best Professionally Managed Company (Category -II)

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This beauty is now available in Houston!

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6 ¾” 9/10 Lobe Stage 4.0 Prime Horizontal Mud Motor


  • Connections: 4 ½” API Reg Box X Box
  • Maximum Torque: 5,245 ft-lbs.
  • Flow Rate: 250-600 gpm
  • Adjustable Bend Housing: 0° – 3°
  • In Stock and Available in Houston, TX.

6 ¾” Mud Motor with 9/10 lobe stage 4.0 with 4 ½” API Reg Box X Box connections.
In stock and available out of our Houston warehouse in the US. Ready for immediate delivery.

Contact Dillon Wilson for more information at or feel free to give us a call at +1 346 998 1180.

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Season’s Greetings!

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Happy holidays

The team at Prime Horizontal wishes you joyful festivities & an amazing year end as we welcome a bright year ahead in 2024.

Join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary!


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3.5 km HDD Intersect completed!

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HDD Intersect under a river in Assam, India.

Tracking used: ParaTrack-2 with surface coil
Location: North Lakhimpur, Assam, India
Distance: 3514 m
Depth: 27 m
Entry Angle: 9 deg
Exit Angle: 9 deg
Ground: Soft, Clay & Sand
Pipeline: 6” steel conduit
Technique: Jetting for both side

#Congratulations to the team on another successful HDD intersect of nearly 4 kilometres!

pic 2
HDD Intersect under the Subansiri River which comes below the Numaligarh Refinery expansion Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project.
This pilot is for fibreoptic cables, there will be a parallel pilot hole drilled for a 26” steel pipe mainline at 6 meters to the right from this.

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Longest Gyro Module HDD crossing in Poland

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Congratulations to the team for a job well done and in breaking a national record covering an impressive 2km!

Tracking used: ParaTrack2 + Gyro Module (100m of coil on 1 side, 220m of coil on the other side)
Location: Stepnica, Poland
Distance: Away: 2014m, MD: 2022m
Depth: 45m
Entry Angle: 10deg
Exit Angle: 12 deg
Ground: sand, clay
Pipeline: (size and material) 500mm steel
Technique: Mud Motor, PMR intersect, ParaTrack Gyro Module
What was the end use: Replacing old gas line

The steering of the pilot hole went smooth which also helps in reducing the pull force of the product pipe. The pilot hole was drilled with a 8” mud motor assembly and a 12 ¼” Tricone bit. Prime Horizontal provided two times the DHA  and mud motors as well as the guidance with the ParaTrack-2 system.



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Just 1 more day to go… NSTT 2023: No-Dig =Nodig!

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Just 1 more day to go… Looking forward to seeing you there!

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-10 at 17.15.42


Nog 1 dag… Wij kijken er naar uit om je daar te zien!
Contact us for all your HDD Steering & Intersect needs.
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Hole Opener: 26″ Smith Gemini ready for you!

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Smith Gemini 26” Split Bit Hole Opener

Dressed with 5 cone 17 ½” cutters, made in the US. Connections are 6 5/8” reg. pin x box. In stock and available out of our European warehouse in the Netherlands. Available now at competitive pricing and immediate delivery.

Contact Marc Clemens for more information at or feel free to give us a call +31 (0) 251271790.

top_view_cropped stretch
hard_face_close_up cutters_close_up

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