Prime Horizontal

Smart Pulling Head

Smart Pulling Head

Monitoring pull force and downhole pressure in real time with the Smart Pulling Head

Prime Horizontal’s Smart Pulling Head is an intelligent pulling head for high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines from 160 mm to 315 mm capable of measuring and transmitting pull force and downhole mud pressure in real time.

Pull force up to 30 tons and mud pressure up to 400 bar are measured directly at the pipe head and displayed in real time during the pipe pulling process.

A simple touch-screen drillers’ display unit can be connected to a laptop to store digital data for later reference. The system requires no physical access or wire connections in the drill string, as all data is transmitted wirelessly to the driller display at the rig, avoiding downtime when pipe pulling.

There is no limitation on the depth of boreholes or the length of boreholes making this a flexible solution for measuring pull force and pressure while pulling any suitable HDPE pipe installed with HDD technology.

Smart Pulling Head
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