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CareersIn the years since 1998, we have established a global presence for providing quality service and as a driving force in the development of new technology for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) market. We have a culture of innovation where our employees can make a difference and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join our rapidly expanding team.

Field Engineers

Field Engineers…
We continually search for field engineers for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry, for both experienced and entry level positions worldwide. We have offices in The USA, Europe, Canada, The Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and India, but you can work from your home base with a good access to an international airport. Your role will involve working alone on a client’s jobsite and deploying our state of the art guidance technologies to complete the pilot hole stage of HDD projects. As Prime Horizontal is an international company, our work can take you anywhere in the world. In your role, you will act both as a technical consultant and as an ambassador for the company. We will need a high level of technical ability, excellent interpersonal skills and sensitivity to different working cultures.

The role will be mostly field site based, so a home location with good access to an international airport is essential. The successful applicant must have a demonstrated track record of success and must demonstrate a high degree of professional integrity. A college degree is preferred but not essential.

Starting salaries for all levels are based on your experience. Entry level positions will require in-office training and in-field training. After you pass Prime Horizontal’s in field examinations, you will be sent on solo jobs and will be eligible for promotion to the next level after six months of training.

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Field Service Engineers

Field Service Engineer

Job Description:

  • Travel to foreign locations as directed to perform guidance operations.
  • Act as PH service representative (smart, clean business like and professional appearance).
  • Research and collect all information necessary for the planning stage and design of the project on site (initial land survey topography, coil setup, probe & DHA setup, Fault-finding steering tools and client’s rig electrical system and Bore path design.
  • Install equipment, test it to make sure it is functional and all safety requirements are met.
  • Support the local teams of technicians/engineers and supervise operations at location.
  • Operate steering tool system & determining optimum steering method to achieve borehole success.
  • Conduct drilling operations according to project specifications and maintain equipment.
  • Liaise with client regarding daily process of the project, potential steering issues & presentation to client of viable alternates for success.
  • Daily contact with office regarding project progress, accurate and timely reporting to supervisor as issues develop on site.
  • Timely submittal of all job related paperwork & computer files to the office.
  • Preparation of final as-drilled report & CAD drawing and presentation to client of all paperwork including daily reports.
  • Personally test all guidance equipment and take responsibility for all equipment being clean and in good working order prior to mobilization wherever possible.
  • Keep up with changes in technology, sign up with for additional training and education courses when necessary.

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