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Small GyroTrack

Small Diameter GyroTrack Tool

OD Range: 1.5″ (40mm) – 3″(75mm)

The small GyroTrack tool is a gyroscope based mapping tool specifically developed for generating accurate As-Built maps of short duct segments, has an outside diameter of just 36mm and is suitable for a pipe ID of 40mm (1.5″). Optionally, a spacer set is available to scale the unit incrementally up to pipes and ducts with an ID of maximum 75mm (3.0″).

The small GyroTrack tools is robust and easy to operate. Typically, an As-Built profile of a pipe segment can be generated in 30 minutes. Data processing requires mere minutes and output can be instantly viewed in most common GIS platforms.

Small diameter GyroTrack tool specs table

The on-site report includes at least the following attributes:

  • Pipeline profile
  • Bend radius report per customer defined intervals
  • Inclination analysis
  • Job specification
  • Job locations

Output data can be exported to open platform formats for seamless integration into common, industry-standard GIS formats and saved to files such as AutoCAD, Excel, MicroStation and Notepad.

Here is an example of the GyroTrack Report after surveying is performed and is presented to end users.

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