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Viper Jumbo RockReamer

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Viper Jumbo RockReamerTM

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The Viper and Jumbo Viper Rock Reamers have been in service since 2014 and has opened up from
4.5” ( 114mm) to 72” ( 1,829mm) in formations ranging from 55mpa (8,000 Psi) to 260mpa
(37,700 Psi)
with great success.


The Viper design has the Cones sit in the pockets at an angle that allows for larger radius cones. This means you have higher rotation speeds, larger bearings and gage clearance leading to longer life with less wear on the arms for an excellent performance.

The Viper and Jumbo Viper Tools are completely field replaceable. No need for welds, long delivery times or delays in manufacturing. The ability to mount multiple size and types of cutters on a single body gives the Viper tools an advantage in the HDD Hole Opening market.

Prime Is offering a unique opportunity to support this tool from its worldwide locations.


  • Larger Cutter Options with Maximum Shirttail Protection for Longer Cutter Life.
  • Proprietary Bearing Design for Maximum Cutter Efficiency
  • Rugged & Versatile Design, engineered Insert configuration and Customized Reverse Nozzles.
  • Increased Weight Capacity with Less Torque.
  • Easily site Changeable Assembly Reducing Downtime.
  • Increased Cost efficiency 



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