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460M HDD in Hard Rock Strata

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Tracking Used: ParaTrack-2 + AC Beacon + Surface Coil


Location: Boyne River, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.
Distance: 460M
Depth: 35M
Entry Angle: 13deg
Exit Angle: 14deg
Ground: Hard Rock
Pipeline: 4″ Steel Gas Pipeline
Technique: Mud Motor Assembly
The project involved drilling 460 meters through hard rock formation for steel gas pipeline crossing beneath the Boyne River in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. The drilling was executed with precision using ParaTrack-2. Guidewire magnetic surface coil was laid on entry and exit side. AC Beacon, a wireless magnetic source was used for the river section of the crossing. The drilling technique incorporated a Mud Motor Assembly, enhancing control and efficiency in navigating the challenging hard rock terrain. This technical approach combines cutting-edge technology and strategic engineering to achieve successful directional drilling in challenging geological conditions.

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