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Gyro Module

The ParaTrack Gyro Module is a North seeking HDD gyro steering tool and the latest in a long line of innovations for the HDD market. With no concern for magnetic interference from nearby active utility lines, shore piles, ship traffic or other transportation activity, drilling may be carried out confidently, regardless of surrounding conditions.


Position og Gyro Module in the BHA

ParaTrack Gyro Module and ParaTrack Steering Tool

The ParaTrack Gyro Module provides precision surveys field-proven to 0.02° of inclination and 0.1° of azimuth with a simple setup and user interface

The Gyro works independently of surface magnetic sources, and is designed to withstand the same harsh drilling environment as the proven ParaTrack Steering Tool.

Prior to punch-out, absolute drill head position may be verified by the ParaTrack2 Guide Wire or Beacon Tracker System, avoiding lengthy sidetracks for corrections, and eliminating the risk of exceeding the project tolerances. Always know where you will punch out and avoid surprises!

The Gyro Module can be utilized on non-magnetic drill collars as small as 5”, giving the operator the ability to use it on mid-sized rigs.

Technical Specifications
Outside Diameter: 2.75″ (requires 3.5″ ID collar)
Length: Head to foot – 48″ (122 cm)
Weight: 39 lbs (17.7 kg)
Electrical Connection: 1-3/16″ 12 tpi female (standard wet connect)
Internal Operating Temperature: 32-158°F (0-70°C)
Pressure Rating: 10,000 psi (690 bar)
Survey Precision
Inclination: +/-0.02°
Azimuth: +/-0.1°
Toolface: +/-0.5°

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