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Guayuriba River HDD

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HDD Río Guayuriba, Colombia
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Gas pipeline: Apiay – Usme
Status: Drilling, installation, “TIE IN” connection works, commissioning, civil works completed.
Tubing: 6″ Steel
Maximum depth: 29 meters
Length: 450 meters
Guidance Tool: ParaTrack 2
Guidance Services & Tooling provided by Prime Horizontal on this project: Mud Motor, TriCone Bits, NonMags, Spiders, Crossover Subs & Guidance Engineer.
Drill Pipe: 5 1/2″ FH
Mud Motor: 6 3/4″ 9/10 Lobe Stage 4.0
Fluid Service: Mix Drill
Soil: Alluvial, black mudstones, slightly calcareous micaceous, pebbles.
Obstacles: Uneven terrain for entrances, constant rainfall, logistical challenges for equipment and machinery.
Client: International Gas Carrier.
Kudos on completing of the construction and installation of pipelines for the gas network by Horizontal Directional Drilling under the Guayuriba River of the Apiay-Usme gas pipeline.

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