Prime Horizontal

ParaTrack-2 System Specifications

Shock mounted triaxial accelerometers and magnetometers, temperature sensor and digitising circuitry contained in 1.75 in. dia. x 55.3 in. long beryllium copper pressure barrel. Telemetry and power via single conductor wire line.

Temperature Rating: 0-85°C (0-185˚F)
Pressure Rating: 1200 bar (17000 psi)
Sensor Accuracy:
Inclination: +/-0.02°
Azimuth: +/-0.05°
Tool face: +/-0.5°
Length: 134 cm (52.8″)
Maximum Wire line Length: 5000 meters (16000 ft)


LCD Digital Display with Operator Selectable Screens
RS232 Communications
Wireless or Wired for Ease of Operation
Pressure Module
Length: 600 mm (24″)
Drill Pipe annulus gauge: 350 bar (5000 psi)
Pilot hole annulus gauge: 35 bar (500 psi)
Orienting pressure sub: 600 mm (24 “)


Interface Unit
Small footprint Probe Power Supply and interface between probe, laptop and driller’s display.
Face controls mounted in front while all wire connections are side mounted for ease of hook up and worktop organization.
Input: 85-265 VAC 50-60 HZ
Output: 48VDC, 50 mA—1000 mA
Power Fused on Input and Output
Analog Amperage Display
Connection for secondary laptop used as drillers display Connection for existing driller’s display
Guide wire supply
Small footprint guide wire supply for location on top of the interface unit in the control cab or on the exit side to power th e guide wire.
Unit Input: 85-265 VAC 50-60 HZ
Unit Output: 3 or 6 Amps p-p max.

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