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PH Aus is looking for Field Service Engineers

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Field Service Engineer
About the business and the role

  • Prime Horizontal is a leading service and guidance company in the utility pipeline sector. We operate on a global basis offering a wide range of guidance engineer services, specialising in Horizontal Directional Drilling in Non-Oilfield applications. We have established a culture of innovation where our employees really make a difference.

To expand our team of Guidance Engineers we are looking for

Field Service Engineers

Employment status:

  • Full Time
  • Ability to travel
  • Salary dependent upon experience

Job tasks and responsibilities

  • Travel to and from Australian base as well as foreign locations to perform guidance operations (US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America) as directed.
  • Office based role, when not in the field, as directed by the local manager.
  • Act as PH service representative (smart, clean business like and professional appearance).
  • Research and collect all information necessary for the planning stage and design of the project on site (initial land survey topography, coil setup, steering equipment setup and bore path design).
  • Support the local teams of technicians/engineers and supervise operations at location.
  • Operate steering tool system & determining optimum steering method to achieve borehole success.
  • Liaise with client regarding daily process of the project, potential steering issues & presentation to client of viable alternates for success.
  • Daily contact with office regarding project progress, accurate and timely reporting to supervisor as issues develop on site.
  • Timely submittal of all job related paperwork & computer files to the office.
  • Preparation of final as-drilled report & CAD drawing and presentation to client of all paperwork including daily reports.
  • Personally test all guidance equipment and take responsibility for all equipment being clean and in good working order prior to mobilization wherever possible.
  • Keep up with changes in technology, sign up for additional training and education courses when necessary.
  • Work on site, in- and outdoor in all weathers and conditions.

Skills and experience

The successful applicants will have a university degree in relevant discipline or equivalent experience in the field. Strong mathematics backgrounds integrated with excellent computer and communication skills, and demonstrating a high level of professional integrity. Experience with AUTOCAD, Land Surveying, Steering tool software (ParaTrack/Tensor/Gyro) and foreign languages (preferable but not essential).

Job benefits and perks

Prime Horizontal offers a competitive benefits package and personal development opportunities.

Please send your application with a cover letter and CV/resume to: Nico Dekker (HR Manager) via mail: We are planning the first interviews in October/November 2021

Visit our website;


Longest Intersect in India!

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#Congratulations to the team involved in the #Longest Intersect in India!
#RemoteSupport by Prime Horizontal Europe out of India.

HDD and Associated works for Brahmaputra River under Barauni-Guwahati Pipeline Project 1
Tracking used: #ParaTrack2
Location: Guwahati, Assam, India
Distance: 3,558.74m (11,674ft)
Depth: 41.5m/ 136ft
Horizontal Curve: 3,565.14 m (11,696ft)
Entry Angle: 10 degree
Exit Angle: 10 degree
Ground: Rock and soft
Pipeline: 6”
Tracking used: Wire line & ParaTrack2
Technique: #MudMotor assembly and #Jetting assembly
Job Description: HDD across Brahmaputra River under BGPL Project

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #kudos #HDD


Jumbo Viper RockReamers – Now Internationally Available!

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Viper Jumbo RockReamer

Prime Horizontal is proud to announce that we are the global suppliers of Viper & Jumbo Rock Reamers!

Contact your local Prime Horizontal office:

Prime Horizontal B.V.
Salland 3
1948 RE Beverwijk
The Netherlands
PHONE: +31 251 271 790
FAX: +31 251 271 064
Prime Horizontal, Inc
7710 Harms Road
Houston, TX 77041
PHONE: +1 346 998 1180
FAX: +1 346 998 1190
Prime Horizontal
Australia Pty Ltd
10 Enterprise Street, Cleveland, QLD 4163, Australia
PHONE: +61 73 821 3684


Underwater work for water facility in Pierre, South Dakota.

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Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.58.49 Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 19.59.03

Congratulations Prime Horizontal #America on the underwater work for water facility in Pierre, South Dakota.!
Tracking used: #ParaTrack2
Location: Pierre, South Dakota
Distance: 720ft.
Depth: 26ft.
Entry Angle: 11 degrees
Exit Angle: 90 degrees
Pipeline: 4 inch HDPE SDR 7 inside of 24 inch PVC #pipe
Technique: Land to River
#SurfaceCoil with the help of divers laying coil on the river bottom.
The project was designed to bring drinking #water from the Missouri River to the city of Pierre, SD. Our engineer had to stay within tight tolerances to keep the product pipe inside the installed Caisson. Central Trenchless was our client for the project and Shaun Houim, owner of Central Trenchless, was elated to see the results of the project.
Local newspaper coverage:
Click here to read article written by mayor of Pierre, SD.






Got Rollers?

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Pipe Rollers
pipe rollers
Contact the Prime Horizontal Inc team to get your hands on these top-notch Large #HDD Pipe Rollers!
Prime Horizontal Inc,
7710 Harms Road,
TX 77041
Phone: +1 346 998 1180
#morethanguidance #HDD #PrimeHorizontal


Highway 61 crossing

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Kudos to Challenger Drilling Inc. & Prime Horizontal America on the #successful Gyro Module guided Highway 61 crossing

Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Tracking used: #GyroModule combined with the #ACBeacon
Distance: 1764 ft (538m)
Depth: 100ft (30m)
Product Pipe: 2 x 8” steel
Entry/Exit Angle: 12/6
Technique: Highway & Railroad Crossing

Job difficulty was high as this is a congested #pipeline corridor with numerous existing pipelines. Access to the crossing & job site was done by air boat as project was surrounded by swamp/marsh. No surface coil was used, instead the Gyro Module was the primary source of guidance, with the AC Beacon confirming the drill location under Highway 61.

#hdd #job #teamworkmakesthedreamwork




40’’ Barrel Reamer

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#PrimeHorizontal: not only Guidance , Gyro Modules and Intersects: Introducing this beauty that was sent out; 40’’ #BarrelReamer with Hardox 400 wear protection added on to standard hard facing.


























#hdd #design #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


NASTT No-Dig Show 2021

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Come and talk to #PrimeHorizontal @ #NASTT look for Rodrigo and Christian who will be visiting from the 29th til the 31st of March.

See you there!









Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing, Taiwan

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One more for the #PrimeHorizontal #Australasia team on the Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing

Taichung harbor crossing1

Technique: #Intersect
Tracking used: Gyro Module & #ParaTrack2 and AC Beacon
Location: Taichung Taiwan
Distance: 1367m
Depth: 40m
Horizontal Curve: 1500m
Entry Angle: 12deg
Exit Angle: 10deg
Ground: Cobble, Clay and Sand
Pipeline: 36” steel pipeJob Description:
Taichung harbor crossing2The crossing was completed by Intersect method, using the ParaTrack Gyro Module drilling from the south (1097m) and underground coil drilling from the North, at which point the #ParaTrack Steering Tool was in range of the AC Beacon and surface coil. The intersect was completed without any ranging due to the vertical and horizontal accuracy of the #GyroModule, #Beacon and surface coil tracking combination.
#teamworkmakesthedreamworkTaichung harbor crossing3

Throwback: Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland end of 2020

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#PrimeHorizontal #Europe

Throwback Thursday #successtory to end 2020:

Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland

Tracking used: #GyroModule, #ParaTrack2 and Pressure Whilst Drilling (#PWD)


Distance: 698m (2,290’)

Water distance: 534m (1,750’)

True Vertical Depth: 41 m (134’)

Cover under riverbed: 27 m (88’)

Entry coil: 43m (141’)

Exit coil: 110m (360’)

Formation: Clay

BHA: Motor Assembly (Mud motor 6 ¾” + 12 ¼” bit)


This complex project started with a 2 degree bend setting on a 6 ¾” mud motor, and a 12 ¼” bit. The ground was variable initially which caused the usual issues, eventually as we drilled along the profile the adjustable bent housing allowed us to change the motor bend, to 2.24 degrees, on the job site to be more aggressive.

The predominant formation was clay.

The project was designed to cross under the Largest Polish river whilst utilizing the pressure whilst drilling throughout the complete crossing for monitoring returns.

Crossing length 698m. 6m long drill pipes 5″ and on a 600KN Rig.

The Pilot Hole was #successfullycompleted with great teamwork and experience, which enabled us to complete a job with a #great result.

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #hdd


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