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Highway 61 crossing

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Kudos to Challenger Drilling Inc. & Prime Horizontal America on the #successful Gyro Module guided Highway 61 crossing

Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Tracking used: #GyroModule combined with the #ACBeacon
Distance: 1764 ft (538m)
Depth: 100ft (30m)
Product Pipe: 2 x 8” steel
Entry/Exit Angle: 12/6
Technique: Highway & Railroad Crossing

Job difficulty was high as this is a congested #pipeline corridor with numerous existing pipelines. Access to the crossing & job site was done by air boat as project was surrounded by swamp/marsh. No surface coil was used, instead the Gyro Module was the primary source of guidance, with the AC Beacon confirming the drill location under Highway 61.

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40’’ Barrel Reamer

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#PrimeHorizontal: not only Guidance , Gyro Modules and Intersects: Introducing this beauty that was sent out; 40’’ #BarrelReamer with Hardox 400 wear protection added on to standard hard facing.


























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NASTT No-Dig Show 2021

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Come and talk to #PrimeHorizontal @ #NASTT look for Rodrigo and Christian who will be visiting from the 29th til the 31st of March.

See you there!









Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing, Taiwan

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One more for the #PrimeHorizontal #Australasia team on the Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing

Taichung harbor crossing1

Technique: #Intersect
Tracking used: Gyro Module & #ParaTrack2 and AC Beacon
Location: Taichung Taiwan
Distance: 1367m
Depth: 40m
Horizontal Curve: 1500m
Entry Angle: 12deg
Exit Angle: 10deg
Ground: Cobble, Clay and Sand
Pipeline: 36” steel pipeJob Description:
Taichung harbor crossing2The crossing was completed by Intersect method, using the ParaTrack Gyro Module drilling from the south (1097m) and underground coil drilling from the North, at which point the #ParaTrack Steering Tool was in range of the AC Beacon and surface coil. The intersect was completed without any ranging due to the vertical and horizontal accuracy of the #GyroModule, #Beacon and surface coil tracking combination.
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Throwback: Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland end of 2020

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#PrimeHorizontal #Europe

Throwback Thursday #successtory to end 2020:

Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland

Tracking used: #GyroModule, #ParaTrack2 and Pressure Whilst Drilling (#PWD)


Distance: 698m (2,290’)

Water distance: 534m (1,750’)

True Vertical Depth: 41 m (134’)

Cover under riverbed: 27 m (88’)

Entry coil: 43m (141’)

Exit coil: 110m (360’)

Formation: Clay

BHA: Motor Assembly (Mud motor 6 ¾” + 12 ¼” bit)


This complex project started with a 2 degree bend setting on a 6 ¾” mud motor, and a 12 ¼” bit. The ground was variable initially which caused the usual issues, eventually as we drilled along the profile the adjustable bent housing allowed us to change the motor bend, to 2.24 degrees, on the job site to be more aggressive.

The predominant formation was clay.

The project was designed to cross under the Largest Polish river whilst utilizing the pressure whilst drilling throughout the complete crossing for monitoring returns.

Crossing length 698m. 6m long drill pipes 5″ and on a 600KN Rig.

The Pilot Hole was #successfullycompleted with great teamwork and experience, which enabled us to complete a job with a #great result.

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N-Net Japan PGM project

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#Kudos to #PrimeHorizontal #Australasia
N-Net Japan PGM project: Observation Network for Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Distance: 773m
Depth: 82m
Entry/ Exit angle: 20°/ 10°
Horizontal curve: 23.4°
Product Pipe Installed: Drill pipe 5”
Tracking used: #ParaTrack #GyroModule, surface coil & #ACBeacon (BTS)
Technique: 6 ¾” Mud motor (Outfall)

N-Net Japan PGM pic3

We were required to drill the pilot bore from the top of the mountain through a 2m steel circular intermediate shaft, 48m below Entry elevation located at shoreline 132m away from the entry point, the intermediate shaft was required to control the mud pressure whilst drilling below the seabed. After running steel casing from entry to intermediate shaft, Pilot drilling continued drilling 641m out to sea turning 23.4° before punching out on the seabed with a 10° exit angle.

N-Net Japan PGM pic2

A 60m surface coil in combination with the #BTS (AC Beacon) was used as secondary tracking between the entry point and the intermediate shaft to confirm the elevation before continuing through the shaft to exit. The ParaTrack Gyro Module was utilized from entry until punch out on the sea Floor, exit position was verified by Divers and the DHA removed 16m below sea level.
N-Net Japan PGM pic1
Contact your local Prime Horizontal representative.



World Record HDD drilling elevation

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#Kudos to Schenk and #PrimeHorizontal on setting a #WorldRecord HDD drilling elevation of 690m!

Job title: Romsdalsgondolen
Tracking used: #ParaTrack2 , #GyroModule, Large Field Beacon (#LFB)
Location: Åndalsnes, Norway
Distance: 1340m
Depth: 690m
Horizontal Curve: 1300m
Entry Angle: 90°
Exit Angle: 140°
Ground formation: Granite
Pipeline: Steel pipe, for gas, water and electricity.
Technique: Gyro Module combined with Mud motor and At Bit Inclination Assembly (#ABIA).

Compliments to the vision of Beni Schenk and the guidance team from Prime Horizontal to successfully complete this project.

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ParaTrack Gyro Module sale in Australia!

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Prime #Australasia congratulates World Multi Link and Magitech on their recent purchase of a #ParaTrack #GyroModule to support ongoing operations in Taiwan and Thailand.
#First ParaTrack Gyro Module sale in South East Asia!
Contact your local Prime Horizontal representative to find out more.










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Looking for Field Service Engineers

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Field Service Engineers

Prime Horizontal is looking for Field Service Engineers to support the International Horizontal Directional Drilling and pipeline industry.

Click here for EN DE FR

Job Description:

To provide Steering and guidance services to the International Pipeline industry. Involves international travel, ability to work in a team and individually under pressure, good communication and social skills.


  • Ability to travel and work away from home.
  • A university or college qualification in Engineering or related subject, incl. Maths.
  • Hands on and Practical: likes working in the field outside as well as in the office.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Professional, Motivated and Flexible.
  • Clean Driver’s License.

The ideal candidate would have the following Skills and experience, but not limited to:

  • Experience of working on a HDD rig or rig site.
  • Running a HDD steering tool.
  • CAD drawing experience.
  • Total station: GPS or land surveying experience.
  • Ability to speak English as well as any of the following: Dutch, French, German.
  • Based in the Netherlands or willing to relocate to an office location in Holland.

Send your Resume + Cover letter to
Prime Horizontal BV
Salland 3
1948 RE Beverwijk
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 251 271 790

First Gyro Module job in Australia

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PH successfully completes first Gyro Module job in Australia 

Job title:  Gas Pipeline Relocation

Tracking used:  Gyro Module & ParaTrack 2

Location: Perth, WA, Australia

Distance: Crossing #1 = 250m, Crossing #2 = 320m

Depth: 8m below entry point ground level

Ground: Bassendean Sands and Ferricrete lenses

Pipeline: 6” Steel Pipe

Technique: Jetting

The job required the drilling of 2 crossings using jetting technique and steering with ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM) which was a requirement from the project owner. Particular care and caution was taken as drilling was within 1m (at its closest point) of an existing gas pipeline, overhead power lines, railway tracks, as well as, other underground communication services lines posed a magnetic



Not being affected by Magnetic interference being a specific advantage of the Gyro Module this was an ideal project for the Gyro Module & ParaTrack combination. ParaTrack monitored how close we were to an existing pipe.

To enable the use of Gyro Module to work with a smaller drill rig, we used our 4-3/4” OD modified Non-Magnetic tooling.

Due to a moderate risk of hydraulic fracturing near the exit points of each crossing annular pressure was monitored using a PGM compatible PWD (Pressure While Drilling) module.  As an additional request due to a moderate risk annular pressure was had to be monitored due to a moderate risk of hydraulic fracturing near the exit points of each crossing, for that reason we used the PWD (Pressure While Drilling) module compatible with PGM. No hydraulic fracturing occurred thanks to the close monitoring of the pressure and drilling performance.

Both crossings were completed in 6 days and our client was satisfied with the results and was pleased to have Prime Horizontal as their partner in their initial experience using magnetic guidance systems and the Gyro Module.



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