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Longest Gyro Module HDD crossing in Poland

November 22, 2023 by  
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Congratulations to the team for a job well done and in breaking a national record covering an impressive 2km!

Tracking used: ParaTrack2 + Gyro Module (100m of coil on 1 side, 220m of coil on the other side)
Location: Stepnica, Poland
Distance: Away: 2014m, MD: 2022m
Depth: 45m
Entry Angle: 10deg
Exit Angle: 12 deg
Ground: sand, clay
Pipeline: (size and material) 500mm steel
Technique: Mud Motor, PMR intersect, ParaTrack Gyro Module
What was the end use: Replacing old gas line

The steering of the pilot hole went smooth which also helps in reducing the pull force of the product pipe. The pilot hole was drilled with a 8” mud motor assembly and a 12 ¼” Tricone bit. Prime Horizontal provided two times the DHA  and mud motors as well as the guidance with the ParaTrack-2 system.



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