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New GyroTrack Tool!

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Small_gyro_toolThe small GyroTrack is a gyroscope based mapping tool specifically developed for generating accurate As-Built maps of short duct segments, has an outside diameter of just 36mm and is suitable for a pipe ID of 40mm (1.5”).
Optionally, a spacer set is available to scale the unit incrementally up to pipes and ducts with an ID of maximum 75mm (3.0”).

NSTT NoDig 2017

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There’s less than a week to go!
NSTT’s NoDig event 2017 at the Hart van Holland, in Nijkerk.
Stop by Booth #B11, visit Prime Horizontal Team and have a peek at what’s new!


Wireless Driller Display Adaptor

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Say goodbye to driller display cables getting dirty and damaged onsite, or having to move equipment around just because your driller display cable is too short to reach the driller’s cabin!

With a range of up to 500m (1,640 feet), Prime Horizontal’s new “Wireless ParaTrack Driller Display Adaptor” is perfect for any HDD jobsite drilling a pilot hole with ParaTrack.

Easy to setup, and flexible. The transmitter is powered by the standard ParaTrack interface box. The receiver is powered by a standard 2.1A USB power source (e.g. phone charger) and the receiver also provides power to the Driller Display itself. This gives the driller a variety of power options to choose from, 220V, 110V, 12V etc and an easy “plug and play” setup.

The Prime Horizontal Wireless Driller Display Adaptor will work with all existing greyscale ParaTrack Driller Displays and interface boxes regardless of age.

Kindly contact us for more information, pricing and availability.
Phone: +31 251 271 790 (NL) +1 337 359 9061 (USA)
+1 780 800 6614 (CAD) +55 71 3023 0934 (BRZ) +61 7 3821 3684 (AUS) +91 997 172 9753 (IND)

Vermeer Rodeo, Goes Netherlands, 15-16 September 2017

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The time has come…

See you there!


#Vermeer #HDDRodeo Goes, Netherlands, September 15-16 2017 #Nodig #Trenchless

Vermeer HDD Rodeo

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Coming up: September 15-16 2017 #



Looking for a new team mate. Could you be the one?

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We are going to #ExpandOurTeam.
If you fit the description of #TechSalesRep Contact #PrimeHorizontalBV! details below!


Day 2 of the FSTT recap

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Day 3 is underway!! Here’s a bit of day 2 for you!




#FSTT #VST 2017 #VilleSansTranchee


Paris, Here we come!

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Be sure you get one of the limited edition brochures! #FSTT June 20-22 #VST #VilleSansTranchee


Le GyroTrack

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GyroTrack mailshot FR

FSTT 2017, France- See you there!

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Looking forward to seeing you at the FSTT on the 20th to the 22nd of June in Chatou, France!

#FSTT June 20-22 2017 #VST #Nodig #Trenchless #SalonVST #VilleSansTranchee

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