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Edmonton Legislature Building- Power Upgrade

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Short ones are the tricky ones.  

Tracking used: #ParaTrack2  
Location: Downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  

Distance: 250m (820 ft)  

Depth: 20m (66 ft)  

Horizontal Curve: 19.23deg  

Entry Angle: 13deg  

Exit Angle: 4deg  

Ground: Sand/Gravel/Clay  

Pipeline: 18inch HDPE  

#MudMotor (90%) and #Jetting (the last 10%)  

We were contacted to do a special project for which was #complex in nature. The project was in the hustling bustling downtown area of Edmonton City.   

A Power #Upgrade required 2 power lines to be installed under the Alberta Legislature Grounds. Both drills were designed to have 4m lateral separation. Tight spaces were the prime feature of this job.   

An entry pad was specially built which could only accommodate the drill rig & nothing else. The Exit point was located 3 floors down in a Car Park. 32-inch-wide holes were tactically drilled out of the concrete of the parking wall, to enable the BHA to poke through.   

There was no room for error. The challenge was accepted and both times we hit the target dead center. The combination of compound curves and constantly changing ground geology added to the challenge. Together with the dedication and teamwork of Omni Directional Boring LP and Prime Horizontal, both bores were completed, and the product was pulled in safely.   

#ThankYou for the mention 

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Fuldi River Crossing

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Prime Horizontal
Tracking used: #ParaTrack1 (Tensor) Supported by Prime Horizontal’s Indian based engineer
Location: Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Distance: 600.11 m
Depth: 28 m
Entry Angle: 12deg
Exit Angle: 8 deg
Ground: Sand
Pipeline: (size and material) 18” + 6” steel pipe
Technique: #JettingAssembly


Laying the pipeline to transport oil from Chattogram to Dhaka for Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL). HDD method was utilized to cross the Fuldi River to connect both ends of the pipeline of this project.
Creating Confidence from Entry to Exit!


1a 1b 1c 1d

Parallel Bore Under The World’s Busiest Canal

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Tracking used: Surface Coil + AC Beacon for bore #1, Underground Coil for bore #2
Location: Rendsburg, Germany
Distance: bore #1: 378.49m, bore #2: 381.58m
Depth: 24m
Entry Angle: 10deg
Exit Angle: 10deg
Ground: Clay with some stones – Jetting Assembly
Pipeline: One pipe of 315mm and one of 355mm HDPE


Two new 20kV electric lines needed to cross underneath the Nord-Oostzeekanaal (also known as the Kiel Canal). The Kiel Canal is the world’s busiest #canal and the most frequented artificial waterway with an annual average of 32,000 ships (approx. 90 daily), transporting approximately 100 million tonnes of goods.
It is a 98km freshwater canal which links the North Sea at Brunsbüttel to the Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau. An average of 250 nautical miles (460 km) is saved by using the Kiel Canal instead of going around the Jutland Peninsula. This not only saves time but also avoids storm-prone seas and having to pass through the Danish straits.


The #parallel bores were installed 10meters apart from each other. The first with a Surface Coil & #ACBeacon, the second with a wire installed inside the first bore/pipe. #ParaTrack2 was utilised on this job, demonstrating accurate parallel drilling as well as flexibility with Surface Tracking Systems, Surface Coil & AC Beacon.



Kiel Canal

3 IMG_49772 IMG_4976

Welver Railway Crossing

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1Bahnhof_Welver 2IMG_20220629_104825

Prime Horizontal: Innovation & Experience
Welver Railway Crossing
Tracking used: #ParaTrack-2 with surface coil
Location: Welver, Germany.
Distance: 92.50m X 2
Depth: 8m
Entry Angle: 15 degree
Exit Angle: 15 degree
Ground: Soft Soil
Pipeline: 6” HDPE
Technique: Jetting- Jet shoe
Another project demonstrating the flexibility and accuracy of the ParaTrack-2 system as it entailed drilling parallel pilot holes to lay electrical cables under a busy railway track to harness wind energy.
This required #accuracy in all aspects, including length, depth, left & right angles on these parallel pilot holes with 2m offset from one another.
The pilot holes were completed in a shift and the 6 inch HDPE was pulled in under an hour! #Quick job with high accuracy. ParaTrack-2 utilised effectively & accurately underneath a railway.

Hadelner Canal HDD Crossing

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Transporting #wind gained electricity under the Elbe-Weser Waterway





Despite the interference due to frequent flow of traffic of boats throughout the whole crossing, the team was able to successfully perform a HDD crossing under the Elbe-Weser Waterway by means of #ParaTrack2 in combination with the Surface Coil.
A 20-ton Ditch Witch rig was set up parallel to the road and barley field. 50m of surface coil was laid down at entry and 60m at exit side. The formation was soft soil and clay, so a 3” Jetting assembly and a 6” jetting shoe was utilized to drill at depths of 6 meters under the canal.
The objective was to pull wind #energy electric cables underneath the waterway for transport of wind gained electricity. The entire process was completed in just 2 days, well done to the team involved!


Tracking used: ParaTrack2 with Surface Coil
Location: Norderende, Germany.
Distance: 164.50m
Depth: 11.20m
Entry Angle: 15 degree
Exit Angle: 15 degree
Ground: Soft Soil
Pipeline: 100mm HDPE
Technique: #Jetting
#teamworkmakesdreamwork Prime Horizontal

One more MudVis out the door!

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#Congratulations Prime Horizontal Europe on yet another #MudVis unit on its way to a job site.
MudVis: the automated Mud Viscosity and Specific Gravity measuring and logging system. Designed specifically for the HDD industry the MudVis samples your stock; or mixing tank bentonite at regular preset intervals. The viscosity and specific gravity values are logged in the processing unit, displayed on a sunlight viewable LCD screen, on WiFi enabled laptops, smartphones, and tablets for easy viewing.
#Real-time #automated Viscosity measurements during the mixing process
• Easy tracking of mud weight throughout the drilling & reaming process
• Generates mud mixing data for reports to assist Mud Engineer
• Data download via WiFi for #logging, reporting and analysis purposes
• Monitoring is accessible via WiFi from around the drill site from laptops, smartphones and tablets
• Low maintenance, self-calibrating & cleaning system
• Exterior mounted alarm system
• Enables quick reactions to changing soil conditions
• Compact unit enables #flexible installation on the mud tank
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Bringing Renewable Energy to Breydin, Germany

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Kudos on yet another job well done #PrimeHorizontal Europe!


A different but not unusual project regarding set up as it was through 321 meters of private land that was not accessible. It was a job for a 6” pilot shoe and 3” assembly with soft soil present. The first 2m at entry side was sand and gravel followed by clay and soil. Exit side was mild dense soft soil and some big boulders that were visible when digging the exit pit.

Seeing as it was not possible to lay coil, the Large Field Beacon was utilized as a source of an electromagnetic field, making it possible to drill an HDD Crossing for electrical cables for wind energy.Tracking used: #ParaTrack2, Surface Coil and Large Field Beacon #LFB


Distance: 411.5m
Depth: 13m
Entry Angle: 15degree
Exit Angle: 14degree
Ground: Soft Soil
Pipeline: 6’’ HDPE
Technique: #JettingLFB

#Teamworkmakesthedreamwork #RenewableEnergy


Machelen Road Crossing

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Tracking used: #ParaTrack2 & #ParaTrackGyroModule
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Distance: 468.13m
Depth: 13m
Horizontal Curve: 40° (Right)
Entry Angle: 16°
Exit Angle: 16°
Ground: Sandstone
Pipeline: 3 x 200mm and 1 x 110mm HDPE
Technique: #RoadCrossing
Job Description: Road crossing along Hector Henneaulaan street in Machelen, a municipality of Brussels. Due to its heavy traffic, Horizontal Directional Drilling #HDD was utilised to install new power cables along this street via means of Road Crossing technique. The ParaTrack Gyro Module was accurately used for a length of 468.13m at a depth of 13m.

Canal crossing in Thailand

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Pilot drilling & pipe pulling under the canals of Bangkok


Tracking used: ParaTrack2
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Measured Distance: Pipe 1: 375 m Pipe 2: 325 m
Depths: 30 m & 28 m
Horizontal Curve: 12.2 degrees & 15.6 degrees
Entry Angle: 18 degree
Exit Angle: 18 degree
Ground: Clay
Pipeline: HDPE 180mm x 30 (bundle)
Technique: #Jetting – Bridge & #Canal #crossing
End use would be for Electrical cables


Job Description:
Drilling two pilot holes under the piling of a busy bridge of the bustling city of Bangkok with its deep canals without disrupting the daily goings on up above ground can pose quite a challenge.
To deal with the high #interference caused by communication cables present underground #steering was done with the #ParaTrack2. Two bundles of 30 HDPE pipes, measuring 180mm each were successfully pulled through under the existing underground utilities. Well done to the team involved and to Prime Horizontal #Australasia!

The Path to Progress

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Tracking the Evolution of HDD Wireline Guidance

John Teer; founder of Prime Horizontal was interviewed and is mentioned in this article that looks at the advancements in #technology that got #HDD to the monumental point it’s at today and how it may continue to advance. Article written by Jed Sheckler of Vector Magnetics LLC.
Click on the image below to read the article or download the HDD Guide to learn more about the progress of HDD

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