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Warmingsgade HDD Crossings

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Warmingsgade HDD Crossings

Tracking used:
HDD-1 (right): Surface Coil and #ParaTrack #GyroModule
HHD-2 (middle) & HDD-3 (left): Underground Coil
Location: Kolding, Denmark
Distance: 198.77m (HDD-1), 198.14m (HDD-2) and 200.55m (HDD-3)
Depth: 9m
Horizontal Curve: 17deg (HDD-1), 14deg (HDD-2) and 9deg (HDD-3)
Entry Angle: Between 14 and 15 deg
Exit Angle: Between 14 and 15 deg
Ground: Sand, Clay, and Gravel
Pipeline: 355mm HDPE (HDD-1 and HDD-3), 280mm HDPE (HDD-2)
Technique: 4 ¾” Prime Horizontal #Jetting Assembly

The job called for the execution of 3 parallel #HDD’s to cross railway tracks below an existing underground passage for pedestrians and cyclists. As seen in the photo of the tunnel to install electrical wires.

010223MG_HDD3_page-0001 20230215_103855 20230224_113506 IMG_6157 Tunnel


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