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Offshore approach for LPG in Brazil

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TGS Terminal Gas Sul. Itapoá – Baía de Babitonga. Gasoducto 20”

Tracking used: ParaTrack #GyroModule & #SurfaceCoil (ParaTrack 2)
Location: Itapoá, Santa Catarina, #Brazil
Distance: 1780 m
Depth: 35 m
Horizontal Curve: 29deg left curve
Entry Angle: 11deg
Exit Angle: 5deg
Ground: Mostly sand all the way.
Pipeline: 20” steel pipe
Technique: Jetting assembly. 10” jetting shoe

#Offshore approach to connect a new pipe line to a platform in the Babitonga Bay where gas from tank ships will be liquified into LPG

There were 60m of 36” casing at the beginning, then a surface coil until water line (around 140mts more). From there, the Gyro Module. Exit point was in an existing pit on the seabed.


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