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Longest HDD Intersect in India

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longest intersect in india

4th longest crossing in the world

Tracking used: #ParaTrack2
Location: Assam, India
Distance: 4088 m
Depth: 45.90 m
Entry Angle: 12 °
Exit Angle: 10 °
Ground: Sand with Clay
Pipeline: 6” steel pipe
Technique: #Jetting assembly

Prime Horizontal is proud to have been a part of completing India’s #Longest Horizontal Directional Drilling crossing under the Brahmaputra river, with NRP Projects Private Limited, which is coincidentally the world’s #fourth longest. Indradhanush Gas Grid Limited (IGGL) with a joint venture of IOCL, ONGC, GAIL (India) Limited , OIL and NRL, are laying this pipeline for gas distribution in the Northeast region of India. It connects the Northeast to the rest of India. HDD method is utilized to cross the Brahmaputra River to connect both ends of pipeline of this project.

#HDD #innovationandexperience #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Excerpt from a LinkedIn post:

India is a nation that is constantly advancing in technology, and the HDD crossing sector is no exception. NRP Projects recently completed India’s Longest Horizontal Directional Drilling crossing under the Brahmaputra river, Assam, which was also the world’s fourth longest crossing.

The project was part of a larger effort to facilitate the laying down of an Oil & Gas pipeline in the region and was a pioneering step in the nation’s HDD industry. The HDD Crossing allowed for the advancement of the pipeline construction process in difficult terrains that were otherwise unnavigable.

To complete this crossing, NRP Projects invested six months of planning and mobilizing a plethora of support equipment, and the successful completion of numerous tasks during drilling.

Their dedicated efforts resulted in an astonishingly successful completion of the project. The project involved Two HDD rigs, along with different types of support equipment.

Despite environmental challenges, technical challenges were there like an increase in excess torque because of fluid loss, installation of casing on both sides in such a way, that it can be retrieved back without leaving part of it in the ground, was another challenge faced due to ground conditions, which was handled flawlessly by NRP’s well experienced Drilling Crew.

The pilot of 4088 Meters could be done at a considerably faster pace that in 44 Days flat. Followed by 6 Inch Pulling at a load of 120 Tons only.

#PrimeHorizontal, a Downhole Survey partner of NRP, proved once again their technical competencies. The entire operation was conducted with great precision and safety, with no major issues reported.

With its completion, India has joined the ranks of countries capable of executing technically challenging HDD crossings.


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