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One of the largest tidal stream energy in the world

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The Morlais project will install turbines on 35 sq km (13 sq miles) of seabed, generating up to 240MW of electricity from the power of the tides in the Irish Sea.
It would make it one of the largest tidal stream energy sites in the world.
The project aims to develop tidal power generation technologies by providing grid connectivity.
Anglesey and North Wales as a whole are very well placed to play a key role in innovative low carbon energy generation which benefits local communities.
The ParaTrack Gyro Module was used to guide the pilot with 107m of coil at entry and an AC Beacon at the end of the coil to confirm Gyro Accuracy to an exit point of 654.02m measured depth on the sea bed.
Tracking used: ParaTrack Gyro Module
Location: Holyhead, U.K.
Distance: 654.02 m (2145.7 ft)
Depth: -28 m (91.9 ft)
Horizontal Curve: 500 Radius
Entry Angle: 74 Deg
Exit Angle: 98 Deg
Ground: Rock
Technique: Mud Motor

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