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Welver Railway Crossing

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Prime Horizontal: Innovation & Experience
Welver Railway Crossing
Tracking used: #ParaTrack-2 with surface coil
Location: Welver, Germany.
Distance: 92.50m X 2
Depth: 8m
Entry Angle: 15 degree
Exit Angle: 15 degree
Ground: Soft Soil
Pipeline: 6” HDPE
Technique: Jetting- Jet shoe
Another project demonstrating the flexibility and accuracy of the ParaTrack-2 system as it entailed drilling parallel pilot holes to lay electrical cables under a busy railway track to harness wind energy.
This required #accuracy in all aspects, including length, depth, left & right angles on these parallel pilot holes with 2m offset from one another.
The pilot holes were completed in a shift and the 6 inch HDPE was pulled in under an hour! #Quick job with high accuracy. ParaTrack-2 utilised effectively & accurately underneath a railway.


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