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Cable Crossing Flüelen-Dorni

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Job title: Kabeltrasse Flüelen-Dorni  (Cable Crossing Flüelen-Dorni)

View from the ground looking into the tunnel LFB-set-up Mountain scenery Panorama_Alte_Axenstrasse_view Plan view

Tracking used: #ParaTrack2 Guidance and #LargeFieldBeacon, no surface coil.

Location: Flüelen, Alte Axenstrasse, Uri, Switzerland

Distance: 192 m

Horizontal Curve: 7 deg left turn

Entry Angle: 7 deg

Exit Angle: 7 deg

Ground: Rock

Pipeline: 2 x 140 mm PE, 2 x 180 mm PE

Technique: Prime Horizontal 3 1/8” #MudMotor

What the end use would be for: Electric cables


Job Description: An #extraordinary project regarding set up, as it was not possible to use coil, the Large Field Beacon was the only source of an electromagnetic field.

Alte Axenstrasse (Old Axen Road) is the name of an engineering masterpiece in the canton of Uri in Central Switzerland. Running along steep cliffs on the east side of the Lake Lucerne, the road for horse-drawn carriages was built in 1865 after 4 years of construction.

The construction of the Axenstrasse was a technical challenge because of the steep terrain. It runs through many rock fall galleries and tunnels along its route. It was named the Axenstrasse because the road is located along the Axen Mountain.

The scenic old road is 1.0 km (0.62 miles) long windings its way between water and rock. It contains passages blasted out of the rock, rock galleries and a tunnel wall with multiple openings, which offers a view of the lake, Flüelen and the Reuss Valley as well as the vast Alpine and forest areas. Ice and snow can be on the way.

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