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Highway 61 crossing

March 30, 2021 by  
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Kudos to Challenger Drilling Inc. & Prime Horizontal America on the #successful Gyro Module guided Highway 61 crossing

Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Tracking used: #GyroModule combined with the #ACBeacon
Distance: 1764 ft (538m)
Depth: 100ft (30m)
Product Pipe: 2 x 8” steel
Entry/Exit Angle: 12/6
Technique: Highway & Railroad Crossing

Job difficulty was high as this is a congested #pipeline corridor with numerous existing pipelines. Access to the crossing & job site was done by air boat as project was surrounded by swamp/marsh. No surface coil was used, instead the Gyro Module was the primary source of guidance, with the AC Beacon confirming the drill location under Highway 61.

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