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Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing, Taiwan

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One more for the #PrimeHorizontal #Australasia team on the Taichung Harbour Intersect Crossing

Taichung harbor crossing1

Technique: #Intersect
Tracking used: Gyro Module & #ParaTrack2 and AC Beacon
Location: Taichung Taiwan
Distance: 1367m
Depth: 40m
Horizontal Curve: 1500m
Entry Angle: 12deg
Exit Angle: 10deg
Ground: Cobble, Clay and Sand
Pipeline: 36” steel pipeJob Description:
Taichung harbor crossing2The crossing was completed by Intersect method, using the ParaTrack Gyro Module drilling from the south (1097m) and underground coil drilling from the North, at which point the #ParaTrack Steering Tool was in range of the AC Beacon and surface coil. The intersect was completed without any ranging due to the vertical and horizontal accuracy of the #GyroModule, #Beacon and surface coil tracking combination.
#teamworkmakesthedreamworkTaichung harbor crossing3


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