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Throwback: Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland end of 2020

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Throwback Thursday #successtory to end 2020:

Gyro Module job in Plock, Poland

Tracking used: #GyroModule, #ParaTrack2 and Pressure Whilst Drilling (#PWD)


Distance: 698m (2,290’)

Water distance: 534m (1,750’)

True Vertical Depth: 41 m (134’)

Cover under riverbed: 27 m (88’)

Entry coil: 43m (141’)

Exit coil: 110m (360’)

Formation: Clay

BHA: Motor Assembly (Mud motor 6 ¾” + 12 ¼” bit)


This complex project started with a 2 degree bend setting on a 6 ¾” mud motor, and a 12 ¼” bit. The ground was variable initially which caused the usual issues, eventually as we drilled along the profile the adjustable bent housing allowed us to change the motor bend, to 2.24 degrees, on the job site to be more aggressive.

The predominant formation was clay.

The project was designed to cross under the Largest Polish river whilst utilizing the pressure whilst drilling throughout the complete crossing for monitoring returns.

Crossing length 698m. 6m long drill pipes 5″ and on a 600KN Rig.

The Pilot Hole was #successfullycompleted with great teamwork and experience, which enabled us to complete a job with a #great result.

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #hdd



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