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N-Net Japan PGM project

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N-Net Japan PGM project: Observation Network for Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Distance: 773m
Depth: 82m
Entry/ Exit angle: 20°/ 10°
Horizontal curve: 23.4°
Product Pipe Installed: Drill pipe 5”
Tracking used: #ParaTrack #GyroModule, surface coil & #ACBeacon (BTS)
Technique: 6 ¾” Mud motor (Outfall)

N-Net Japan PGM pic3

We were required to drill the pilot bore from the top of the mountain through a 2m steel circular intermediate shaft, 48m below Entry elevation located at shoreline 132m away from the entry point, the intermediate shaft was required to control the mud pressure whilst drilling below the seabed. After running steel casing from entry to intermediate shaft, Pilot drilling continued drilling 641m out to sea turning 23.4° before punching out on the seabed with a 10° exit angle.

N-Net Japan PGM pic2

A 60m surface coil in combination with the #BTS (AC Beacon) was used as secondary tracking between the entry point and the intermediate shaft to confirm the elevation before continuing through the shaft to exit. The ParaTrack Gyro Module was utilized from entry until punch out on the sea Floor, exit position was verified by Divers and the DHA removed 16m below sea level.
N-Net Japan PGM pic1
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