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Prime Horizontal extends range of downhole guidance tools

January 29, 2020 by  
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Prime Horizontal continues to introduce innovations to the HDD market with its latest being the ParaTrack Gyro Module, a guidance tool for unrivaled accuracy.

With no concern of magnetic interference from nearby active utility lines, shore piles, ship traffic or any other transportation activity, drilling may be carried out confidently, regardless of surrounding conditions. The ParaTrack Gyro Module runs in conjunction with the ParaTrack Steering Tool, providing the ability to tie in with the entire ParaTrack System of tools and software.

The ParaTrack Gyro Module is a north-seeking gyro system that is especially effective for initial surface entry, while absolute position may then be verified via the ParaTrack-2 Guide Wire or Beacon Tracker, providing confidence that the bore is measured accurately along the bore path as well as relative to the planned exit location prior to punch out.

Ideal for intersects in areas with no surface coil. No need for calibration every two hours. And no issues with import and export into various countries as the Gyro can be hand-carried and transported easily in a rifle case.

Since its founding in 1998, Prime Horizontal has been a World Record holder for the longest HDD project, highly accurate pilot holes in freeze hole drilling applications, with more than 200 HDD intersects and more than 400 CBM bores successfully performed with the use of rotating magnet ranging system.





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